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Mama San, Seminyak

Mama San is one of the “hot” places to eat at in Bali. The menu is eclectic and the entire venue is indoors unlike most venues in Bali, so you can actually escape the heat. There are large mah-jong tables and chesterfields in this large warehouse style establishment near the corner of Jl Oberoi and Eat Street.

As their website indicates; ”Known to be a madam of authority in an Asian gentlemen’s club, the name Mama San was selected because of the old and new world influence the interior and Asian cuisine would be. The team wanted to create a unique space to complement the sister restaurant Sarong rather than be in competition with it. A large “gudang” or warehouse as it is known in English has been converted into a two level retro-vintage restaurant, cooking school and bar.”

Lunch 11am-2pm. Dinner 6pm-11pm.


* * * * Funky, energetic atmosphere. Delightful food.


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