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The Westin Cape Town, South Africa

The Westin is in a good location as part of the Cape Town Convention Centre and close the cbd and V&A wharf (there is a shuttle bus that works the route between The Westin and the V&A Warf). There is also a Red Double Decker Tourist Bus stop just near the hotel if you're those people (like us) who love using one of these to help get your bearings in a new city.

On our visit, we experienced a lot of service and product failures every day which normally affects my rating. The management team tried its hardest to fix the issues and make us happy, however it came down to the staff working for the management that consistently let them down.

The staff didn't really care for the customers and as hard as management try it's never going to work without the right people and training. After meeting with the General Manager I understood that the Westin took over a Sheraton property hence why it didn't reach the Westin standards. The GM offered a recovery package hence why I'm not mentioning the individual issues, to be fair. And just to let you know, we paid commercial rates and no upgrade or reduction of rates was offered for the issues.

The good news it's going to be fully renovated in 2018 to Westin Standards. Until the hotel is renovated and they change the Club Floor there is no point paying for a poor club experience. The club evening canapés is just that a glass of wine, if your lucky, as they don't top up wines or have a help yourself wine bar as most other hotels do in their club lounges. Plus they don't serve spirits at this one either. The food is appalling three small canapés no other food, no buffet style hot and cold selection - that's it, once again the staff let them down.

The hotel room was a good size the bathroom was huge. The bed was comfortable but don't start me on the pillows! Would I stay there again? Not sure - would probably try somewhere else.

Here are some images of a room that we definitely did not stay in.

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