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PASSENGERS: 26 million annually

REVENUE: US$46.6b annually

Prior to our first cruise, I wasn't that excited about doing one "they're just for old people". My criteria for getting on one was that we went with some friends and that we didn't have to sit with strangers for dinner each night.  Those two demands met, we embarked on our first 7 day cruise with 2 other couples (friends) on Seabourn Odyssey from Venice to Athens.  Well let me tell you, within a few hours of boarding, I was heard asking "where are we going on our next cruise?"  I kid you not.  Bite the bullet. Get on a ship today.  It's awesome - and you don't have to be old.  In fact, it helps if you're not - coz you can beat them to the breakfast buffet - which, by the way, is awesome.

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