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Qantas A-380

Airbus A-380

Singapore – London

Business Class


The Qantas A-380 Business experience is good.

These planes are beautifully quiet and so, so big. We haven’t been lucky enough to fly First Class on the Qantas A-380 yet, but Business was pretty damn good.

It’s the usual skybed that lies pretty flat, but not completely. And there is a business lounge to sit in if you get sick of your seat, along with a small bar with refreshments and snacks, coz you can get pretty hungry and thirsty between meals on planes can’t you!!!

The layout of the A-380 has First Class surprisingly on the lower level, with economy behind that for the remainder of the level. Business is on the upper level with Premium Economy behind that.

Went for a look through First Class once everyone had disembarked and it looks pretty comfy.

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