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Alitalia A321

Airbus A321

Economy Class

Athens – Rome – Naples


Where does one start with Alitalia airlines? I knew that they weren’t great and they had been through financial issues but what I read lately was they had turned the corner and had improved. Well thats not correct. The A321 was fairly new and in good condition but ground and air crew were rude and disengaged.

Boarding calls were made in five languages which took too long. After making the boarding call we stood waiting for the boarding to commence for another 12 minutes. They have a priority lane for business and skyward priority members and if you stepped into that line the staff were ready to eat you alive and were very rude.

On boarding the crew were no better, no greeting at the door, it was like we didn’t exist, mind you the italian customers on board were pushy and just as rude.

The seats had seat back videos with a credit card swipe but was never turned on. The crew were the most disengaged I’ve seen in a long time. To be honest, they were rude and not happy to be at work.

This was a two hour international flight from Athens to Rome, yet the service consisted of a small pack of dried tasteless biscuits and a drink from the bar, no tray no food at all, at best you could call this a bar snack. I expected at least lunch on a tray for an international full fare airline.

The safety demonstration was in Italian and English although the english version was very basic.

Overall for a $400 flight one way it was not very good and I wouldn’t fly them or recommend them unless there was no other option.

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