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Jetstar A320-200

WHERE: Perth - Denpasar

DURATION: 3 hours 20 mins (about 2 hours 20 mins too long)

CLASS: All Economy


Took a 10.30pm flight PER-DPS (Perth to Denpasar) on an A320-200 and I have to ask the question of the airline; who selected those seats?

Obviously someone who never flys Jetstar!!! Probably the most uncomfortable airline seat I have sat in. The 3.5 hour trip was pretty uncomfortable.

Some clever designer decided to put the magazine holder at the top of the seat so that it was not lower, therefore giving passengers slightly more legroom. But what has happened as a result is because there is a magazine rack behind your head for the passenger behind you, your head rest sticks out too far for your head to rest on comfortably. Totally ridiculous. Just take out one row of seats Jetstar and give people more legroom with the magazine rack down lower where it should be.

The head rest part of the seat juts out much too far, so you always feel like you are unnaturally sticking your head forward. Even when the seats are reclined (the 5cm they allow you to recline), it is still not comfortable.

C’mon Qantas!!! If you are going to have your budget airline take over your routes at least have the decency to put comfortable seats in. We sat in the exit row, and even with the extra leg room I have to say this flight was shit!

Service was good, but the seats are just too uncomfortable after an hour or so.

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