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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of those bucket list types of things. You just have to do it. It's a bit of a process to get onto the actual bridge (suiting up, training, etc - check out what happens before the climb here), but once you start the climb it is very impressive.

Its the only way to see Sydney. The only issue is, you're not allowed to take your camera (or in fact anything that you could drop). So they sting you for photos at the top - and as you can see on their website, some of them are not that good.

"It's not cheap to do."

Starting prices are $168 for adult ($143 child), but that's only a sampler. Daytime price is around $300 for adults ($203 child). The good news is that for even more money you can do a climb at twilight, dawn and even at night. The dawn one is the most expensive starting at $388 for an adult (you'd really want to like getting up early).

5 things you should know before you book:

  1. Your health and safety is important: If you are pregnant or have any pre-existing health conditions check their website, as you may need to provide a doctor’s Certificate of Fitness note before you climb. You must have a blood-alcohol reading below 0.05 to climb (the same as if you are driving). We will ask you to complete a BridgeClimb Declaration Form before your Climb.

  2. Ensure that you have eaten before your Climb and you’re well-hydrated – the experience can last up to 3 ½ hours. Wear comfortable, enclosed rubber-soled shoes such as running, sport or hiking shoes and don’t forget your sunglasses. They recommend wearing comfortable clothing. They’ll equip you with everything else you need for your Climb! Ensure you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled Climb time to allow enough time to check in.

  3. All your personal belongings can be stored in lockers, including cameras: They provide FREE secure lockers for you to keep your personal belongings in, including phones, cameras and GoPros. Our Climb Leaders will capture photos of you during your Climb. For safety and security reasons, cameras, video technology and mobile devices are prohibited on the Climb.

  4. You must be 8 years old and 1.2 metres in height, or taller: Children aged 8 to 15 must be accompanied by and are the responsibility of an adult, with a maximum of three children per adult.

  5. Climbs operate in all weather conditions: They will equip you with all the gear you need to keep you dry, but remember to bring your own shoes, which should be enclosed, like running shoes. In case of extreme weather conditions like electrical storms or during times of extremely high wind, Climbs may be postponed.


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