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Qantas B787-9 Dreamliner

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Perth - Melbourne - Los Angeles

Business Class


This was our first time on the 787 and of course we were excited about it! And Qantas didn’t us down, but let’s start with the beginning of the journey.

Being in business classes we could access the new Perth Transit lounge a new innovation for Qantas. The lounge is designed for passengers transiting through Perth but this lounge is different to your other lounge, it designed to help eliminate jet lag and bring your body into the current time zone.

The lounge offers a different array of activities not offered any where around the Qantas network. Two studios have been built for yoga and stretching classes, the showers have mood lighting depending on your mood on the day, Neil Perry as designed a special outdoor BBQ menu. There is an outdoor area with fresh air and sunshine (hopefully), something you’ll miss on the 17 hr flight to or from London.

The service in the lounge is personalised and attentive with no PA’s just a staff member inviting you to board your flight.

The aircraft it self is layout with 42 Business class, 28 premium economy and 166 economy passengers. We were lucky to score business class on all sectors and enjoyed every minute of it.

Business class is a totally flat bed suite with a huge tv screen, lots of storage areas with PED and magazines.

The aircraft is being used for ultra long range flights so keeping your devices charged up has been thought of with USB charging port and power outlets in every seat. At night your seat is turned into a bed with a mattress the crew will set up for you at any time during the flight.

Qantas has really thought about making this aircraft passenger friendly with cool lighting to simulate the time zones you are travelling to help adjust the your body clock.

The food is designed by Neil Perry and Charles Perkins university to help reduce the effects of jet lag and travel. It is healthier and tended to be smaller serves which was great as I actually slept really well. If you love aircraft food don’t panic there is plenty of food on offer through out the flight you won’t go hungry.

As we flew out of Melbourne at 9.30pm and landed into LA at 7.30pm we got off the flight not tired! However flying back to Australia we felt great the day we arrived and didn’t really suffer any jet lag!

Qantas notes on preparing for long haul travel
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep before you fly.

  • Eat light, healthy and nutritious meals, and avoid over eating.

  • Be well hydrated – drinks enough water and limit carbonated drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages as they can dehydrate the body.

  • Move, flex, stretch, walk, run or do whatever your choice of daily physical activity is.

  • Where possible in the 2-3 days before your flight, go to bed half an hour earlier or later to be closer to your destination time zone.

Onboard your flight
  • To help set your body clock to your destination time, our Cabin Crew will focus on destination time from the moment you step onboard to assist in counteracting and reducing jetlag.

  • We’ll be timing our service, food and beverage offerings and even the time we suggest you rest and sleep onboard to help adjust the body clock to destination time.

  • Lighter and healthier meal options inspired by Charles Perkins Centre and designed by Neil Perry, Creative Director of Food, Beverage and Service at Qantas will be offered in all cabins. Understanding the science behind how food affects the body has allowed the redesign of our menus and dishes served on ultra long haul flights. Expect to see low fat proteins, lots of nutritionally rich fruit and vegetables and healthy snacks along with our usual customer favourites.

  • The best options for optimal hydration inflight are plain or sparkling water, infused waters and herbal teas. We'll be offering customers Rockpool signature infused water, Quench, throughout the flight to make keeping hydrated interesting and appealing. In Business Rockpool's signature blend tisane with Australian native aromatics will also be available.

  • You may notice that our cabin lighting adjusts to the time of day in your destination’s time zone, including a simulated sunrise to create a sense of awake on morning flights.

  • Wear clothing and shoes that allow for comfort and avoid overheating.

  • Relax and let the world fly by making sure you switch off and avoid bright light from screens prior to suggested sleep and rest times.

On arrival at your destination
  • Do what you can to adjust your body clock to your destination time zone, including adjusting to meal and sleep times, heading outdoors during daylight and light physical activity.

  • Seek and avoid light at the right times at your destination. Expose yourself to bright and continuous light by spending time outdoors during daylight hours and avoiding artificial lighting in the lead up to sleep.

  • Get plenty of rest when it’s the desired sleep time at your destination.

  • Eat light, healthy and nutritious meals.

  • Avoid overeating, especially in the late evening when your body should be preparing to sleep.

  • Drink lots of water and limit carbonated drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages as they can dehydrate the body.

  • Move, flex, stretch, walk, run or do whatever your choice of daily physical activity is.

Note: this advice is general for customers in good health. If you have a medical condition or are on medications that need to be timed with diet such as such as Type 1 diabetes, we recommend you seek the advice of your doctor before travelling.

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