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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory houses Canberra, Australia’s capital, built between Sydney and Melbourne in the early 20th century, because both cities wanted to be the capital of Australia, so they created a territory between both of them and called it The Australian Capital Territory. There, that solved that!



GPS: 35.4735° S, 149.0124° E

CUR: Australian Dollar

The federal district’s forest, farmland and nature reserves earn Canberra its nickname, the "Bush Capital.”

The city's focal point is Lake Burley Griffin (man made lake), filled with sailboats and kayaks. On opposite shores are the grand Australian War Memorial and the massive, strikingly modern Parliament House, which sits confidently behind the original Old Parliament House.  Canberra has been planned well and there are striking buildings like the National Portrait Gallery, The National Gallery, The High Court of Australia, The National Film & Sound Archive, The National Science Museum all around the city.  This place is well worth a visit.  

Over the last decade there has been great hotels built in the city to compliment the older classic ones like The Park Hyatt.


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