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Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne is Australia's true cultural city, with much to offer visitors when they visit. It's reasonably easy to get around and there's lots to do.


STATE AREA: 237,629 km²

GPS: 37.4713° S, 144.7852° E

CUR: Australian Dollar

Victoria (abbreviated as Vic) is a state in southeastern Australia. Victoria is Australia's most densely populated state and its second-most populous state overall. Most of its population lives concentrated in the area surrounding Port Phillip Bay, which includes the metropolitan area of its state capital and largest city, Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city.

Geographically the smallest state on the Australian mainland, Victoria is bordered by Bass Strait and Tasmania to the south, New South Wales is to the north, the Tasman Sea is to the east, and South Australia is to the west.  To give you an idea of land area, The United Kingdom (242, 245km²) would fit into the land area of Victoria.


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