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Perth, Western Australia

Western Australia, covering the entire western third of the country, is made up mostly of the arid Outback. Perth beaches are what we consider to be some of the best in the world, wide with good surf.


STATE AREA: 2,646,000 km²

GPS: 27.6728° S, 121.6283° E

CUR: Australian Dollar

Its population is concentrated in its fertile southwest corner, home to the Margaret River wine region and the riverside capital, Perth. In the far north, the Kimberley region is home to ancient Aboriginal rock art, the Bungle Bungle sandstone domes and Broome, with Cable Beach camels and a pearling industry.

Perth is our home town. That's why we have more articles on places across WA than any other state in Australia on this website. Being the western most capital of Australia, it isn't visited as much as the cities on the eastern seaboard of Australia, but it is an amazing place to come and visit.  


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