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Tokyo Landscape Night Photographic Tour

I booked Pak through Airbnb to take me on a walking tour around Shinjuku one evening. It was a 2 hour tour, but he would have been prepared to keep walking around for hours had I not been on a timeline to catch yup with Paul again.

We covered a lot of territory in those two hours, from the Shibuya Cross walk which has thousands of people crossing it at every light change, through to Godzilla Street. What amazed me with Pak, is that he knew all the good spots to go including which buildings you can get into and up high to look down over the streets, through to just great angles for shots. He clearly loves walking around Tokyo shooting images and is happy to impart his knowledge of camera techniques as well. I certainly learned a few things in that 2 hour period.

To book Pak for your own tour walking photography tour around Tokyo, just head to Tokyo Landscapes on Airbnb. I highly recommend him.


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