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Hayman Island, Australia

Hayman is a luxurious place to pamper yourselves to the max. It's located off the Queensland coast of Australia, 925km from Brisbane.

Accommodation was awesome in 2005 when we stayed there but by checking out the website I reckon it’s been upgraded since then, so it will be even more gorgeous.

Had a hideous experience at the spa (worst massage ever), but I’m sure it was a one off.

To get there, you fly into Brisbane and then Hamilton Island, to take a boat ride for 45 minutes.

From their website “Hayman, Australasia’s most awarded luxury nature resort, is a private island of astonishing natural beauty, restorative peace, adventure and indulgence. Hayman offers a front-row seat to the Great Barrier Reef and a world of leisure and adventure.

Hayman offers everything anyone can want when it comes to getting fit and having fun at the same time.

Whales cab be seen in the waters surrounding Hayman on their winter migration, so you may catch sight of these magnificent creatures should you visit Hayman between July & August.”

* * * * * Quiet, relaxing and luxurious



Phone: +61 7 4940-1838

Click to go online to Hayman

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