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Emirates A-380

Airbus A380 Bangkok – Dubai – Bangkok First Class


What a magnificent flying machine the Emirates A-380 is! Wow. We traveled first class Bangkok – Dubai – Bangkok in March 2012 and it was a faaaaaabulous experience (as you would expect I guess). Bought the fares online through the Emirates website for $2,500 each, so it was a bargain in my books.

You’re offered Dom Perignon as you board, and that’s when the experience begins. Just after take off, you’re asked what time you would like to shower…yes I said shower, in their “Shower Spa” prior to landing. Once you lock in the all important shower time, you can sit back and relax with a huge screen tv with 1,400 channels of entertainment to choose from in your own private suite.

There’s even wi-fi if you need it! Just shut the auto sliding doors if you like and it’s like you’re on your own private plane. As you go off to sleep, just open your eyes a little though to make sure you see the twinkling lights in the ceiling. This is just WOW! No other way to describe it.

The beds lie completely flat and are very long. You can even have one of the flight attendants make up your bed for you if you like.

When it comes to shower time, it’s like you were the first person to eve utilise the shower spa. It has been cleaned since the last person and is ready to go again. You get a 25 minute time span to spruce yourself up. Five minutes of water (which doesn’t seem much, but it’s plenty) and it even automatically turns off with one minute to go, so that you know your water is nearly finished. All very clever.

Layout is 14 First Class private suites on the upper level, with 76 Business Class behind that. Economy is the entire length of the lower level.

Of course one of the great things about flying Business or First with Emirates is their magnificent lounge in the airport in Dubai. Make sure you give yourself enough tome to explore this lounge whenever your’e leaving Dubai. Being their home base, no expense has been spared in this facility. You can eat a la carte (don’t eat before heading to the airport, that’s for sure), you can book a massage (although each time we’ve been there it’s been quite hard to get in, so if you can book before, do it). Take some time to enjoy the Business & First lounge.

From their website; “We understand that air travel can be tiring, especially during long flights. That’s why we included two onboard Shower Spas as part of the First Class experience on the Emirates A380.

From the state-of-the-art shower system to the classic walnut and marble design to fine linens, the Shower Spas were conceived with your pleasure and convenience in mind. And, to complete the spa experience, we offer our signature Timeless Spa shower kits, made from the finest natural ingredients.

A relaxing visit to the Shower Spa can help ensure you arrive at your destination ready to take on the day.

Enjoy lie-flat comfort on selected aircraft with Business Class seats that convert into a flat bed at the touch of a button. Using the touchscreen controller, you can adjust your seat to suit your own preferences and comfort. Each seat extends to form a flat bed up to 79 inches long.

The flat-bed seats are tailored to the way you like to travel, with an in-seat power supply for laptops and extra-large table providing a comfortable workspace. Relax with your large-screen personal entertainment system, along with the built-in mini-bar in every seat, personal storage area and privacy divider.”

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