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W Times Square, New York

You could not find a more central spot than the W Hotel in Times Square, New York. Even though you are living albeit in a very tiny space, you are right in the heart of what is most probably the world’s greatest city.

We were 54 floors above Times Square. Incredible views. Everything about W Hotels is faaaaabulous. They have “statement” entrances that make you feel like you are about to experience something very special. They have funky eating and drinking spaces set aside for hotel patrons to mix with locals. Everyone is attracted to W, not just the people staying there.

The room was small, but really modern contemporary and functional. Bliss bathroom products are also amazing. You will steal them.

* * * * Great position. Funky small space


a: 1567 Broadway, New York p: +1 (212) 930 7400 w: Click here to visit W Times Square online

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