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Thai Airways - A380

Airbus A380

Business Class

Bangkok – Paris


What a difference the new business class product makes on the A380 compared to other aircraft in Thai Airways fleet.

The layout of the cabin is a bit different with a 1-2-1 configuration. The window seats are jagged so one seat is against the window and the seat behind is offset from the window. The centre seats are also offset with one row being together (love seats as they are known ) or separated by a divider giving privacy. The window seats give total privacy when sleeping as you can’t see the person however the aisle seats are more exposed.

The window seats are great as you have the sense of a suite with privacy. The seat has a good size tv screen, large dinner table which is exposure which looks a bit messy, and cocktail table which is large and very useful. The seat it self is a bit hard when sleeping and needs a mattress on top of the bed. The blanket/duvet is nice but not needed as Thai keep the cabin too warm in flight.

An unusual feature in business class is the shoulder and lap seat belt, I was a bit worried what happens when you sleep but the shoulder harness unclips just leaving the lap belt.

Good amount of storage with side storage bins that were skinny and only hold the pillow/ blankets or a satchel bag, there was a space under the ottoman for shoes. One down fall was lack of storage for iPads or lap tops which would have been handy.

The seat went totally flat and the ottoman became part of the bed. Again when reclined into a bed you need a mattress to soften the seat. Another recommendation would be two pillows or fluffier pillows

I am 6 ft and fitted into the bed however any taller customers may find the seat a little short, and will have bend their knees to sleep. One only complaint is shoulder/arm space as there is little space when you sleep on your side due to the bulkhead

As it was a midnight departure the service was supper, I asked just to try the main course chicken and noodle stir fry which was nice. Once again the wine glass is tiny. The staff were younger than most Thai flights and attentive in the service but disappeared after the service had completed. Thai need to address this and ensure there’s cabin presence during all flights

There was supposed to be a business class bar set up which didn’t happen at all.

Again the temperature during the flight was very warm, but they were very quick to turn the lights down for customers to sleep.

Breakfast into Paris was a wake up service with lights coming on but seemed to time your breakfast as you woke up. The crew were very attentive this service, however the food presentation was basic against other international airlines like Qantas and Emirates.

If booking on Thai A380 avoid the first row of business class as its located next to the galley and toilets.

After flying Qantas and Emirates A380, Thai are not as good but for the price we paid it was a lot cheaper than other airlines. It was good value for money.

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