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Thai Airways - A330

Airbus A330

Business Class

Perth – Bangkok


Perth to Bangkok Business Class was on a new A 330 however the seats in business class did not lay flat. They were on an angle and felt like you were slipping down the seat when fully reclined.

The crew were very old (no offence) they all needed to be retired. The service was not personal. Very robotic, no interaction with passengers. The service seemed very rushed for a 7 hour flight. The wine glasses were extremely small, you had two sips of wine and it was gone and you wait forever for another glass. Thai should look at the wine glasses on Qantas international meal service they are large and elegant.

Once the service was finished the crew disappeared never to be seen until landing.

The temperature in the cabin was very hot and we had to ask for the temperature to be lowered twice.

Overall a impersonal flight with beds that are not up to other airlines.

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