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Emirates 777-800 SIN-CMB-SIN

Boeing 777-800

Singapore - Colombo - Singapore

Business Class


Our Business Class flights from Singapore to Colombo and return were quite good.

The only issue is that I’m the middle aisle there are three business seats - not so good for the middle person who feels like they have a smaller seat than either side of them because of the “boxed in” effect of having two sides.

I ha be to say the massage component of the seat is probably the best, quietest and sturdiest I have experienced. I kept it going for most of the 4 hour flight both ways.

And who doesn’t like fairy lights in the ceiling st night!

There was plenty of leg room, although if the aisle seat was in sleep position you still had to climb over them to get out from the window.

One of the touches I really liked was the matching wood grain on the noise reduction headphones. Very nice. Sound quality was good too.

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