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We stayed in the Eixample district, which is not only the most iconic in Barcelona, it’s also the most diverse in terms of shopping, restaurants and nightlife. The geometric layout of blocks is the symbol of the sunny and modern Barcelona we know today. Very close to the Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter. Check our review of the Axel Hotel, which we stayed in for about 5 nights here.

Within 30 minutes of arriving at the hotel, we were off on a Gourmet Tour of Barcelona for a few hours. We thought it would help give us our bearings on the city as it was on a motorcycle with sidecar. Yes that's right! One of us on the back of the motorcycle with the tour guide on the front and one of us in the sidecar. I have to say this was enormous fun.

Our tour guide took us to several Bodega's (which are small tapas bars) and got us to try the authentic Spanish tapas. On the way around He showed us some iconic parts of Barcelona. My God, the architecture here is simply amazing.

Next day we were off and wandering the city, taking in all it had to offer, including the Gothic sold town part of Barcelona, The Ramblas where all the locals come out at dusk to meet and chat and eat and drink and of course the Sagrada Familia. The Gothic Quarter is one of the most famous landmarks in Barcelona. Located in the heart of the old city, this neighborhood features a fusion of buildings dating from Roman times to the 20th century. Welcome to one the most interesting places to visit in Barcelona.

The Sagrada Familia is definitely the most famous building in Barcelona. Considered one of Gaudi’s masterpieces, it’s a key attraction in Barcelona and one of the most striking monuments ever built in the world.Antoni Gaudí took over the project in 1883, a year after construction had begun, and completely reshaped the project to fit his unique style.Unfortunately, Gaudí died in 1926 when only a quarter of the project had been constructed. Sadly, most of the blueprints left were burned in a fire, therefore, all that’s been built eversince has been a wide interpretation of Gaudi’s architecture. It won't be complete until 2026! This is a must see if you are in Barcelona. These pics (below) don't even do it justice.

If architecture excites you in even the slightest of ways, you should definitely put Barcelona on your to do list. he Gaudi buildings in particular are nothing short of amazing.

One of our favourite places to eat at night became Vigo, just near Axel Hotel where we were staying. Food was beautiful and the service was excellent.

We cannot recommend Barcelona enough. With the few days we were there, we felt we could live there!

* * * * * Live it. Love it.

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