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Aria - Las Vegas

First time at Aria hotel and had heard rave reviews of the hotel and facilities, but did live up to reputation?

We upgraded ourselves to the corner suite which we thought it would have amazing strip views, well it would have done as we booked a strip view room originally and had contacted the hotel direct to have a high floor which was confirmed by the hotel reservations manager who we contacted directly. However when we checked in via the mobile check in option we received a room on the 11th floor with mountain views - really is that a high floor considering it has 50++ floors and where has my strip view disappeared to? However the team at the tower suite lounge were sensational changing us to the 16 floor which was the best they could find.

Now talking about the lounge one would expect evening drinks but no it was soft drinks only with limited snacks, breakfast was two mini bakery items, so don’t expect much fr9m the lounge it really wasn’t worth it. The suite itself was great, small reception foyer with powder room on the right, then you walked into the lounge and dining room with a tw9 sweater lunge and large ottoman. The tv was huge and each room had tablets that controlled the rooms lights, temperature, motorised curtains and had all the hotel information. The furniture is a bit dated and brown tones, just needs a refresh. The bedroom was a great size with floor to ceiling windows large king bed and motorised curtains, what let the room down was the tiny tv, which we didn’t use, however the view of the strip from bed was amazing. The bathroom was great the toilet had a heated toilet seat with bidet with instant heated water and a blow dry option - I loved it and want one! The shower head was average which lacked water pressure however great spa bath over looking MGM grand. With over 5000 rooms the pool area gets very busy and can be hard to get a sun lounge and a drink from the drinks attendant. The music would have been great if not from Liquid which had doff doff music. The pool themselves are small water cloudy and packed, so a little disappointing, and don’t start me on the price of the drinks. The other issue with staying in a corner suite is the 288m walk from the lift, the good side is it good exercise after the food and drinks you will enjoy just don’t leave the room without something. So you might think I didn’t enjoy the hotel but it was great but as you know I will call it when things are not quiet right, like the pool area. Is it over priced Yes but that’s the same with most Las Vegas hotels. The view of the strip is limited but that’s the same with most hotels, the up size was the suite size and feel.

Check out the room below

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