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Rydges Queenstown, New Zealand

Don’t let the reception give you the wrong impression of this hotel.

When you drive up to the hotel it looks a bit old in style but once you walk into the reception you think, Ok this looks good, nice make over fit out, then you walk to the lift and you think wow cool lift black granite and black mirrors this place is looking good........AND THATS WHERE IT STOPS.

We had a 1 bedroom suite with lake views the highest class of room in the hotel. Walking down the dingiest corridors that had holes and patch up marks all over them (these had been there for months/ years it was something they were not working on!) we got to our room. I was now dreading what could be behind the door and yes I was correct a room that hadn’t been renovated since the late 60’s.

Moss green carpet could be okay if it wasn’t frayed to the concrete floor below not in one spot but all over. The 2 seater lounge was valour maroon that was so faded it was pink in colour and all of the table and cabinet wood was chipped and damaged not even the Good Samaritans wouldn't accept it. Doors were missing off cabinets, the lino floor in the bathroom (that’s right a 5 Star hotel with lino not tiles) was bubbled and heavily scuffed marks not to mention the tufts of black hair on the floor. This was worse than a back-packers! The view to the lake was semi blocked by a massive concrete deck. The room was overall extremely outdated. I called reception and complained.

The receptionist apologised and appeared shortly after to show us some other rooms.

We were moved to another floor where the green wallpaper along the corridor had been partly painted with white paint, but not to the edges. They were clearly trying out some new colour schemes, but still using the rooms. We got past that and decided the room on this floor was slightly better than our original room.

The view was a full view of the lake with a nice terrace area with some lounging furniture. The same hideous green carpet that was still warn down and still had a couple frayed areas but not as bad as the first room. The furniture and cabinets were in better condition a newer brown lounge however the bathroom still had bubbled lino and more black hair floating around. It seems housekeeping can’t see long black hair, by the way we have short hair so definitely not us! We were there for two nights. The hair was still there when we left.

The walls were also pretty thin. That night we were entertained with our neighbours having an argument and then make up sex. That's always fun.

Next day, room cleaning was not great. Rubbish and some dropped potato chips were not vacuumed from our overnight stay. The TV remote fell on the floor overnight but was never placed back on the side table. There is just no care or love in this hotel it seems that all the staff have the same respect for the property and guests which through the way they maintain it and have no pride in this jobs, it makes me wonder does this come from the top?

On check out we hadn’t used our free drink voucher and asked for two coffees take away from the cafe right there at the reception desk, however the receptionist told me the vouchers could only be used for a drink in the bar. Having stayed at Rydges elsewhere I mentioned that this is normal practise at other Rydges Hotels. He reluctantly agreed to make the exception this time.

Honestly, we can’t recommend this hotel. We would say avoid, avoid, avoid, this hotel.

They are scheduled to refurbish Rydges Queenstown, but they should not be charging the prices they currently are. Some training for their staff might also be worthwhile.

Only positive note it is located in a good area of Queenstown.

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