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The Top 20 Things To Do In Bali

Here's a list of the top 20 things (okay there's actually 23) to do in Bali and in fact most of them are places to eat. Plus we've added in some great places to head to that serve up awesome breakfast. In no particular order;

#1 Omnia

The newest and funkiest place to hang out is OMNIA at Uluwatu. It's a bit of a drive if you're staying in Seminyak, but it's an awesome space. It's also a bit expensive. A VIP experience in a large cabana can be booked for RUP10 million, (which is about AUD$1,000) plus 21% tax, but it can hold up to 20 people. The 10 mil goes against your f&b spend, which brings it back to $50 a head, which isn't too bad - if you've got 19 friends that is.

#2 Boy + Cow

For "meat eaters", there are two new ones to choose from. "Boy+Cow" opposite Mama San on Jl. Raya No. 135 in Kerobokan (Seminyak) is top notch.

#3 Salazon

So is "Salazon" in Eat Street on Jl Oberoi/Laksmana No. 7 Seminyak) (see pics below). Go there and check out "En-Vie" upstairs for a pre dinner drink prior to wrapping your mouth around some meat downstairs.

#4 Woo Bar

Now our most fave thing to do in Bali is have sunset drinks at the Woo Bar @ W Hotel on Jl. Petitenget in Kerobokan. It's awesome. Funky tunes, 2 for 1 cocktails and free pizza between 5pm and 6pm. Get there early to make sure you get a couch though (probably around 4.30pm should do it). There's free wifi too.

#5 Starfish Bloo

While you're at W Hotel, book yourself a "cage" and indulge yourself on a lazy Sunday at Brunch at Starfish Bloo @ W Hotel on Jl. Petitenget in Kerobokan from midday till 3.30pm. Free wifi. This is one of the best brunches we have ever had in the world. Fresh seafood, sushi, roasts, yum cha etc. Anything you could possibly want and it's non stop - have as much as you want. There are two packages to choose from one that includes alcohol and one that does not. It's pretty special.

#6 Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexicola on Jl Kayujati 9X in Seminyak (just down the side road next to Bodyworks) is good for either pre dinner drinks or dinner. Great Mexican food. Check out our Mexicola blog here.

#7 Bistrot

An exciting funky place to spend the evening eating on Jl.Kayu Aya No. 117 in Seminyak. download the menu here and take a look at the sort of gastronomical delights they have in store for you. Check out our Bistrot blog here.

#8 Merah Putih

Well established now on Jl. Petitenget No.100x in Kerobokan (Seminyak) is Merah Putih. check the menu here to see what all the fuss is about. Awesome food, a bit slow on the drinks service sometimes, but take your camera along as it's pretty spectacular inside as well. Check out our Merah Putih blog here.

#9 Mama San

A "must do" for dinner is MamaSan on Jl. Raya No. 135 in Seminyak. You have to try their salt and pepper soft shell crab and the bbq duck steam buns. Free wifi. Check out our MamaSan blog here.

#10 Finns Beach Club

Spend the day chilling at the new Finn's Beach Club at Berewa near Canggu (about 20 mins by car from Seminyak). This place opened in June 2016 and has fast become one of the top places to visit. It can get a little crowded on a nice day and you can feel a little bit like sardines as they squeeze everyone in. Check out our Finns blog here.

Plus the new Finns VIP section is gorgeous.

#11 Ginger Moon

Great tapas style food at Ginger Moon on Jl Oberoi/Laksmana No. 7 (Eat Street) in Seminyak, just next door to Ultimo. Now, this is one of our all time faves in Bali - it's the place we always go on our first night back in Bali - a tradition. Great food and service for a really good price. If you're staying nearby, they even do takeaway or home delivery if you want (and it's packaged up beautifully)! Check out our Ginger Moon blog here.

#12 Gusto

Possibly the world's best ice cream gelato secret is at Gusto, but it's hidden away at the back of Seminyak so you'll need to try hard to find it (by car or scooter)/ Once you get there, you will be blown away by all the different flavours. Fresh ingredients, ZERO synthetic product, lots of fruits, some sugar, cream, milk, real eggs, chocolate, cacao, butter, and plenty of tasty new items, weekly.

#13 Metis

One of Bali's absolute best restaurants is Metis on Jl. Petitenget No. 6 in Kerobokan. Hopefully they have the french onion soup on the menu, but leave room for the soufflé. It's pricey, but worth it. And they have created an awesome walk through garden experience out the back. Make sure you check it out when you're there. Check out our blog on Metis here.

#14 Cuca

Another is Cuca in Jimbaron at Jl. Yoga Perkanthi. This is about a 45 minute drive from Seminyak, but worth it, if you're up for the drive there and back. Maybe do it for lunch. A special treat is to sit at the kitchen bar and watch the team work in the kitchen. This food is the prettiest food I've ever seen and it comes alive in your mouth. Well worth the trip for lunch or dinner. Check out our Cuca blog here.

#15 Waterbom Park

If you have kids, Waterbom Park is a must. Or turn yourself from a big kid to a little kid for a day and head to Waterbom Park in Kuta (20 mins from Seminyak). Opens from 9am-6pm every day. Get there early and you might score a cabana. Take your kids along to if you must.

#16 Sarong

Another of the best restaurants in Bali is Sarong on Jl. Petitenget No. 19 x in Kerobokan for dinner. If you like MamaSan, you'll love Saraong (same owners).

#17 Sardine

Across the road from Metis is Sardine on Jl. Petitenget No. 21 in Kerobokan. Great atmosphere and dining in Seminyak.

#18 Jari Menari

Get the perfect massage at Jari Menari on Jl Raya Basangkasa No. 47 (the main drag) Seminyak. All male masseurs, but no hanky panky. Ask for the "perfect massage" for 90 mins about 400,000RUP (about $40).

#19 Mixwell

Dancing up late at Mixwell Bar on Jl Dyana Pura street Seminyak next door to Bali Joe's. Funky dance tunes, great bar staff and performing drag queens. Something "different" to remember a special night. You'll need to like the smell of smoke in your clothes next morning though! Next door to Mixwell is Bali Joe's for more of the same and there's even another bar next to that one.

#20 Tropicola

On the beach at the end of Batu Belig is one of the funkiest new palces to be seen. Lots of spots to sit and eat and drink and perv the day away. Opens from 11am.

#21 Slippery Stone

This Greek restaurant is tucked away down an alley on Batu Belig and is a real surprise when you walk in for two reasons, a) it's very large and b) the atmosphere is exciting. Head there on a Sunday night when the staff take over as part of the entertainment. T his place is a blast.

#22 Rustica

You gotta love it when mamma comes out of the kitchen during the evening and makes her way around to all the tables asking how their dinner is. This place has magnificent pizzas, great pasta, friendly staff and of course.... mamma! At the top end of Batu Belig in Seminyak.

#23 Da Maria

Da Maria is a modern Italian restaurant in the Osteria style and is the brainchild of Australian Restaurateur, Maurice Terzini. With stunning interiors by Roman architects Lazzarini Pickering, Da Maria highlights the diversity of Italian food, wine, music, fashion, art and friends, with more than a little Capri in the heart of Seminyak.


Almost everyone likes to kick the day off with a good coffee, so here's a bunch of different places to try:

#1 Revolver

Revolver down a lane way nearly opposite Mykonos restaurant in Eat Street Seminyak. In my opinion, the best coffee in Bali. Great breakfast too. They also have a smaller shop across the road and down a little from W Hotel further around in Seminyak. Check out our Revolver blog here.

#2 Kudeta

Iconic Kudeta in Seminyak is still one of the best places for breakfast any day of the week. Great coffee and big toast. It's also a great dinner destination. Free wifi. If you get there early enough (before 11) you might even be able to grab a sun lounge and grab some rays and have a few dips in the ocean for a few hours. Free wifi.

#3 Sisterfields

Sisterfields just down from Grocer and Grind in Seminyak also has a great vibe and energy. With three different places to eat, out front, inside or out back in the airy courtyard.

#4 Sea Circus

Great coffee and brekkie food at Sea Circus restaurant, bar and coffee den, just next door to Bodyworks on Jalan Kayu Jati in Petitenget (Seminyak). There is even a hangover breakfast that involves a shoulder massage. Let them know if it's someone's birthday! Dinner is also pretty good here. Free wifi.

#5 La Luciola

Another iconic venue is La Lucciola right on the beach in Seminyak for weekend breakfast. Also pretty good for dinner.

#6 Cocoon

A great way to start the day is by packing your swimmers and heading to Cocoon Beach Club on Jl Double Six, No. 66 Blue Ocean Boulevard for a late breakfast and then some chill time on the sun lounges or daybeds for the afternoon. There's a minimum spend for using them, but by the time you have a drink or two and add breakfast on, you'll achieve it no problems. A great pool to keep dipping in when it gets too hot and some glimpses of the beach.


Don't pack your swimmers and head to Potato Head for sunset drinks unless you're a fan of queueing for no reason before you even get into the venue. Standing there on the wrong side of those famous wooden louvers is not much fun while you stare at the guy wearing the head set who's doing a lot of talking back and forth, but not much letting people in. Give it a miss. Too much wasted cocktail and sunset time.


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