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I’ve actually become a bit of a fan of Bangkok. I used to feel it was a dirty old place with busy traffic and not much culture unless you like the titty bars or ladyboy bars (and who doesn’t I ask you!!!). But one thing that has amazed me is the modern architecture that has taken place over the last decade.

You can see the W Hotel just next to this modern Bangkok tower

Bangkok is home to some of the worlds best and most innovative modern architecture. Huge tall buildings that demonstrate their individuality. Check out some of these.

One of the attractions is King Power Mahanakhon, Bangkok's tallest building, which costs about AUD$37 to go up to the roof. It's open from 10am until midnight every day.

Saw this really cute guy up there!

MahaNakhon is a luxury freehold mixed-use development, officially Thailand’s tallest tower and first architectural landmark. Featuring The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok Edition Hotel, lifestyle retail & observatory, MahaNakhon represents Bangkok rising on the world stage, at 314m tall and 77 storeys.

Before stepping onto the platform, visitors must slip protective fabric booties over their shoes. Some shuffle confidently onto the floor as they look down, others squeal in horror and drop to their knees. Almost everyone takes a moment to lay on the glass for a photo. But even if you're not brave enough to step onto the glass floor, the SkyWalk offers unrivaled city views, particularly up the stairs at the open-air "Peak".

The fun begins as soon as you enter the video-themed elevator on the ground floor. Visitors ascend to the 74th floor in 50 seconds, while a fast-paced Bangkok-themed video plays on all four of the elevator's walls.

From there, you'll step into the Indoor Observation Deck, which offers floor to ceiling 360-degree panoramic views and interactive installations that highlight some of Bangkok's key landmarks.

Up one level is the mezzanine and glass elevator boarding area, which takes visitors up to the 78th floor -- home to the outdoor observation deck. The bar -- Thailand's highest, of course -- offers a selection of cocktails, soft drinks and beer, including their very own Mahanakhon White Ale -- a Belgian-style witbier. However, there's no seating. Most visitors in need of a spot to sit down head for the stairs leading up to the Peak.

Our advice: Make your way over around 4 p.m., when the heat begins to fade.

Closer to sunset, around 5:30 p.m., the crowds begin to increase significantly -- as does the line-up for access to the glass floor.

King Power Mahanakhon is a mixed-use project, worth close to $1 billion.

Its 2016 completion earned it the title of "Thailand's highest building," knocking out long-time titleholder Baiyoke Tower II, a 304-meter-high hotel in the city's Pratunam district completed in 1997.

Its striking steel and glass figure rises into the sky, with a three-dimensional strip of "pixels" weaving its way down the building -- an architectural trick achieved through the construction of "sky boxes."

The King Power Mahanakhon building is 314 metres tall, 77 floors and nicknames the pixel building


MahaNakhon is directly adjacent to the Chongnonsi BTS station and between Silom and Sathorn Roads.

a : 114 Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Rd, Khwaeng Silom, p: +66 2 677 8721

h: 10am-midnight every day

c: AUD$37 per person



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