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Cathay Pacific Lounge, Kansai Airport

To say Cathay Pacific lounge in Kansai is disappointing is an understatement, it’s possibly the worst I have ever been to.

Let’s start with something positive. It does have great views over the tarmac and there is a Starbucks outside the door which is great as you can get coffee and something to eat, (that's what Steve did immediately after we arrived) but that’s where it ends.

The food offering is worse than hospital food, soba noodles with chunks of ice on it, no protein, no vegetables, just noodles. Tiny square sandwiches and the hot food was tiny sausages with corn and chunks of potato plus minestrone soup - and this was at 8am - breakfast time. Who wants this for breakfast?

The coffee machine made luke warm coffee and a selection of juices straight from a cheap carton.

In fact, don't bother listening to me, check out these other reviews...

There is nothing special about this lounge and wouldn’t bother. The end.


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