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Qantas A330-200


DURATION: 5 hours (usually 25 mins longer)

CLASS: Business


Another excellent flight to Singapore. It’s so nice to have the A330 on this arvo for against the small 737.

We were lucky to be in business class and the suite is excellent. There is a great working space around you and lots of storage. The charging area for devices is ample and positioned well.

As always the service was professional and friendly. The cabin crew were very engaging with all passengers and went out of there way to ensure customers were liked after.

The food was the best I’ve had on a flight for awhile. Although I decided not to have the entree the poached chicken salad looked delicious.

For the main course the chicken schnitzel sandwich was amazing. Even Steve loved it. Beautiful chicken breast with melted cheese and coleslaw in a toasted Turkish bread. Very yummy. It was perfect for that time of day. We also opted for the ice cream sandwich afterwards coz it was a sandwich sort of lunch!!

After a movie and nap we arrived in Singapore 30 mins early. Another wonderful crew and most enjoyable flight.


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