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TeamLab Borderless, Tokyo

TeamLab Borderless was the actual reason we decided to check Japan out and we were not disappointed.

So what is TeamLab? It's a digital art museum where artworks form one borderless world, move out of rooms, communicate with other works, influence, and sometimes intermingle with each other with no boundaries. There might be a gigantic ostrich moving along the way beside you, or even a lion.

You might be standing in front of some birds on a branch and then all of a sudden one takes off and takes you into a world of wonder as you feel your body swaying as your mind plays tricks on you. All encompassed with music that matches the mood of the artwork.

You immerse your body in borderless art in this vast, complex, three-dimensional 10,000 square metre world. Sound bizarre? Well it is. Each room you walk through is a different experience that you can interact with. At one point (supposedly a kids section - but there were plenty of adults in there), you can colour in a pre-drawn member of our oceans, then within seconds see it swimming in the water along the wall. Yes I kid you not.

We spent at least four hours there - well worth the 3,200 yen.

Get an early start to be there by around 9.30am as the doors open at 10am (sometimes just prior to 10am). The less people there are in the rooms, the better it is, but if you can't get there early, then still go - it's worth it.

Basically, sensory overload is what TeamLab is all about.

Make sure you include the En Tea House for 500 yen. It's a break mid visit to enjoy a cup of green tea and green tea ice cream and you will not forget the experience when they pour your tea and a flower starts to grow digitally inside the cup and then flourish all over your table. Amazing.



Adult 3,200 yen + En Tea House ticket (make sure you do this) 500 yen.

Child 1,000 yen

Disabled person 1,600 yen

OPEN 1000 - 1900

WHERE Aomi Station, MORI Building Digital Art Museum, Odaiba, Tokyo

If you can see the Ferris wheel, you're close. In fact, while you're there you might as well do the Ferris wheel.



The Daikanransha, literally meaning “big wheel”, is a colorful, 115-meter tall Ferris wheel located in Odaiba.

Adjacent to Venus Fort, an outlet mall styled like Venetian side streets, and Toyota Mega Web, a showroom for new Toyota models, Daikanransha gives great views of Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree and the iron jungle of the metropolitan bay front.

The 16-minute ride costs 900 yen and you choose between a color cabin or one of only a few clear-bottom cabins.

OPEN 1000 - 2200 Sun-Thu and 1000 - 2300 Fri-Sat

Don't worry too much about the outlet shops at Venus Fort if you see them. They’re either brands you haven’t heard of or if you have, they’re not cheap.


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