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Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos

This is one very funky, modern hotel, set right on the port of Mykonos, where at the end of each day there can be around five or six cruise ships in port and at dusk, this is something to behold as they light up, ready to set sail after passengers being in port all day.

Cavo Tagoo rooms are really nice. Very minimalist and contemporary. They are clean, simple yet modern and have luxury amenities in the bathroom. You will definitely steal them each day before house keeping comes in just so that you can get a stock of them to bring home.

The outdoor bar is an awesome place to hang out at the end of the day to watch the sun go down and have some expensive cocktails.

This really is the funkiest place to stay in Mykonos. You will feel like movie stars hanging out at this place. It is one of my favourite places to stay in the world. The location is close to the main town of Chora, which you can easily walk into each night for dinner (10 minute walk along the road).

From their website: “Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos island of Greece strives to be a canvas upon which visitors can color their island dreams.

The outstanding, friendly service and carefully crafted luxury that customers enjoy are elements that achieve perfection for a relaxing stay in Mykonos.

Cavo Tagoo’s number one priority is creating memorable experiences for its guests and therefore the hotel makes every effort to ensure that each visit is fondly etched in its customers’ minds.

Cavo Tagoo has succeeded in being a cosmopolitan luxury suites hotel and a destination for seekers of unique and relaxing experiences from all over the world.”

* * * * * Expensive, but worth it. Great service. Perfect location.


p: +30 22890 20100

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