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Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

Once again that same rustic look and feel of Six Senses comes through, but once again, this is also a very different place to come to relax.

You get there by flying into Dubai and then taking a two hour 4WD past border control into Oman, past another checkpoint, down a mountain, past a lot of goats and there it is! Just you and some goats running through the resort every now and then. You well and truly get pampered with your own butler, beautiful rustic surroundings and awesome food.

The resort is made out of materials native to the area so that it fits in with the look and feel. Rustic, yet comfortable and luxurious.

Try Restaurant 293, which is part of the resort, however back up the mountain 293 metres above sea level (don’t worry, they’ll drive you). Great sunset.

Make sure you also do the paraflight that is available (just ask at L.I.F.E.). It takes off along the beach and flies over the mountains and over neighbouring bays for about 15-20 minutes, doing some low fly overs along the beach upon return. Available every day apart from whenever there is a local wedding (as the locals are bound to let off “a few rounds” with their machine guns on wedding days to celebrate). Still interested? LoL It sounds more dangerous than it is, but it makes for a great story to tell when you get home. I took the pic below on my paraflight.

Don’t go in May, June as it gets up to 50 degrees outside. We were there in March and the weather was awesome, although I expected the ocean to be warmer.

* * * * Awkward to get to, but worth it for somewhere different.


a: Six Senses Zighy Bay, Musandam Peninsula, Sultanate of Oman p: +968 26735 555 w: Click to view Six Senses Zighy Bay online

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