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Ice @ W, Bali

Ice at the W Retreat and Spa in Seminyak is a pretty awesome place to spend the end of the day for some drinks at sunset before heading out to dinner. There are comfy lounges, bean bags and chairs and tables for you to chillout to the sounds of the dj as you sit facing the famous Balinese sunset over the ocean. There’s even a special gazebo if you’re a special person.

Great cocktails like Raspberry and Rose Bellini with fresh pressed raspberry, W made rose syrup, citrus, with proceco sparkling wine (155,000 rupiah). Also lots of nibbles that won’t spoil your dinner….or maybe they will and you will just end up chilling here for the entire evening. It’s likely!

One negative, depending on what mood you are in, the music might sometimes get a little loud. Bit the good thing is its chillout stuff, so its not really a problem.

Check this place out sometime, whether you are staying a W or not. Ice also has wifi.

***** Fun way to watch the sun go down

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