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Prana Spa, Seminyak

Walking into Prana is like walking into an Indian oasis. There’s a strong influence of Indian & Middle Eastern exotic architecture where you can enjoy the rituals of ancient kings and queens as you journey through Prana’s sacred Eastern traditions of health and beauty.

The rich Indian earthy colours used throughout the complex are just amazing. You are taken into another world to relax with no less than 10 different packages, 3 Ayurvedic treatments, 7 massages, 6 beauty and body treatments and believe it or not, 14 different types of facials.

The spa has been Inspired by the legendary Moguls of Rajasthan, the designers of Prana Spa – Australian owner and painter Jim Elliott sought to blend Indian Palatial complexity with Moroccan rustic simplicity. Whether under a tented ceiling or an elaborate hand painted canvas, their exquisite treatment rooms are the perfect space to relax completely under the expertly trained hands of your therapist and allow daily concerns to take a back seat as you claim time to attend to your wellness [from their website].

How’s this sound for a men’s facial “Prana’s Male Facial is a unique treatment that blends European style massage with anti-aging techniques and natural ingredients. Enjoy our natural chemical free facial design for the male skin. This treat will cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin leaving it radiant and clean. We recommend you shave a few hours prior to having this treatment. Our product line consists of 100% natural botanical and organic ingredients.“

Or the men’s anti ageing Skin IQ+ facial “Anti-ageing mens firming facial to boost tired, stressed skin. Helping to calm irritation and minimize the signs of ageing, this facial is the ultimate overhaul for male skin. Incorporating the NEW Time Defence Wrinkle Delay and Time Defence Eye Reviver, this anti-ageing treatment protects against the harsh effects of shaving and environmental damage. This therapeutic yet firming facial is tailored to meet the needs of a hectic lifestyle, giving men the ultimate skin overhaul with maximum anti-ageing results.”

Or for around AUD $120 you can try this 180 minute treatment “Beginning with the hot and cold plunge pools to first invigorate and stimulate the circulation system. Then a relaxing foot treatment and continuing with our signature body massage to melt away any stress. The relaxed vibe continues with a full facial which seeks to balance skin, body and mind. Complete with a rhythmic scalp massage and hair crème bath.”

Your experience at Prana will be a wonderful one.

* * * * * Highly recommended


a: Jln. Kunti Seminyak

p: +62 (361) 730 840


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