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Merah Putih, Seminyak

New kid on the block Merah Putih is nothing short of spectacular inside, particularly if it's raining with the rain pouring down tall lit columns inside the restaurant for all to see (with nobody getting wet).

With tasty tapas style entree's like Jangkang (friend soft shell crab, salted egg, chili, leek), Perkedel Jagung (corn fritters, eggplant sambal, spiced corn), Beef Shin 'Bak Pao'(rendang steamed buns, beansprouts, sambal) and Crispy Boneless Duck (sambal bajak, cucumber, klungah), your dinner will be off to a flying start as ours was.

If you're with a group of at least eight, then make sure you book one of the cages on the upstairs level.

JUL 2016 UPDATE: Tried this restaurant again recently and it's still awesome. Took awhile to get wine opened and poured (I hate it when the main course comes out and you still don't have wine in the glass), but other than that, it is still a superb place to eat. Great bar out the front to have pre-dinner drinks as well.


* * * * * Great new find. Excellent toilets too!


w: Merah Putih website

a: Jl. Petitenget No.100x, Kerobokan

p: +62 361 8465 950

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