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Revolver, Seminyak

Quickly becoming known as the best place to go for coffee in Bali, Revolver is also awesome for breakfast. All you have to do is find it!

Revolver is on the main drag in Seminyak located directly opposite “Bali Clinic”, behind boutiques “This is a Love Song” and “Home Store”. You enter down the laneway through their side door. It's almost like a secret little society!

Great toast, eggs, pancakes and sweets as well.

For the first time in Bali I've noticed people walking around with takeaway coffee cups and they're either from Revolver or Sisterfields.

Revolver has now extended out the back, which means it's now a bit easier to get a seat. However, along with expansion I've found the staff to be less attentive and you have to wait a bit to get their attention some times.

Eclectic atmosphere and fit out. Find it. You'll love it.

There is also a "Baby Revolver" now along Jl. Pettinget across the road rom Mirror nightclub. It's soooo tiny, it only seats about 6 people inside and 4 people outside on the footpath, however the coffee is still awesome and the food they do there is excellent.


* * * * * five star coffee


w: Revolver website

a: Jl kayu aya / Gang 51, Seminyak - Oberoi

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