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Finn's Beach Club, Canggu

Finn's Beach Club, a popular haunt for Bali beachgoers for some years at Uluwatu is no longer there, but has moved to a new home much closer to Seminyak at Berawa, near Canggu.

Finn's Beach Club opened in June 2016 and looks like it will be come "the" place to hang out with friends or family for the day, with access to the beach and ocean, but also with the safety of a pool with lots of daybeds and beach umbrellas for shade.

A big bar with restaurant that will feature casual dining has also been beautifully appointed with bamboo being the main feature.

At this stage we have only had the opportunity to do a walk through to check it out one morning, but can't wait to head back for a day in the sun and pool to see who else is chilling out there. here is a charge for daybed use (around $250,oooRP i think), however this will come off your f&b bill at the end of the day. No charge for daybed use after 5pm though.

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