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Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa - Mauritius

Being our first time to Mauritius we were pretty excited. The flight was good the drive to the hotel was long over an hour but the setting at Mount Le Morne was beautiful. Check out the surf break out on the horizon in the image below.

We picked this hotel for a few reasons. It was close to the airport (well, it looked like it on the web however we didn't take into account the windy roads!) and the fact it was protected from wind due to the mountain (still had a couple of windy days) and the fact it had beautiful beaches, which it did!

The room was a beachfront room which indicated online that it was just metres from the beach and I'm pleased to say it was! (the pic below of the room was taken literally from the beach). The room was large and loved it had lots of living space with indoor and outdoor couches and chairs. We were lucky enough get a first floor room with a huge balcony - I recommend a first floor room, than ground as it's more private.

The bathroom was huge and we loved that the wardrobe had lots of hangers and could stow large suitcases in it leaving the room case free.

We opted for the escape package which included all meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner plus all drinks including alcohol.

The food was great, however, we're not really big fans of the "half board" limited menu which generally had two choices; one being vegetarian. Or the buffet restaurant. The food was okay but, top be honest. the staff let everything down. In one day, two waiters were quite rude to us. Normally you waited for drinks and had food before your drinks arrived. They were also very slow in topping up drinks. The experience in the bars was the same and it seemed that they looked down at you if you had the package, maybe because they wouldn't score any tips from you. Here's our tip - do a better job and you will get tips. The drinks selection on the escape package was also quite limited.

Having said that, we didn't leave the resort. The beach was great. The pool was large and looked great but we never went there. The gym was well set up and the day spa had great therapists. You can also play golf right there at the resort. And check out the gorgeous mountain that overlooks and protects the resort form weather (below).

Gorgeous Mauritian beaches

Would I go back to Mauritius? Yes. Would I stay at Beachcomber Paradise again? Yes the room was great. The beach was awesome. I just hope that the staff get trained and are a bit better.


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