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Alila Villas, Uluwatu, Bali

We’ve stayed at some magnificent places over the years, but this is probably the best experience and best place we have ever stayed. We had a 24 hour stay at the property and we didn't leave it for a minute. In fact we extended it by dragging our feet at the end and had about 27 hours there.

From the moment we walked in everything was fabulous. We were greeted by Marco the general manager and guest services manager, who both walked us through a very impressive entrance to the lobby and seated us in a comfy lounge rather than at a check in desk. Passports were taken seamlessly while they talked us through the different elements of Alila. They made us feel very important, even though we weren’t.

This is where they gave us the news that we were upgraded to a three bedroom cliff top villa. Completely unexpected. We were escorted to our room by Adi who became our butler. He showed us through the villa and explained everything.

The main bedroom looked straight out to the 25 metre pool, which overlooked the cliff top which overlooked the ocean which was 100 metres below. There was a daybed on the other side of our compound that also sat atop the cliff and where you could see down along the coast as we played cards on the daybed.

The living area was huge complete with dining and lounge area. There was a kitchen hidden away behind the dining as well.

Both other bedrooms were huge and had their own ensuites. There was even a separate massage room.

Several outdoor living areas meant there was heaps of room if you were staying here with two other couples.

The entire Alila propery is outstanding. Beautifully put together with two restaurants (asian fusion and western), with a gorgeous observation deck over hanging the cliff top (see pics below) that becomes a bar at sunset.

Everywhere we went, the staff said hello. The food was gorgeous. The layout and detail that has gone into creating this resort is amazing.

We looked through one of the one bedroom villas while we were there (which is what we had expected to be in) and it would have had ample space. It was beautifully designed and had a 6 metre pool.

Double vanity basins ensure each person has enough space in the main ensuite


You don't have to leave the resort

Pure luxury accommodation

Gorgeous food



The pool stretched to the cliff top and believe it or not monkeys came up to the top of the trees in the late afternoon to feed on the berries and we eye-balled each other while I was in the pool quietly watching them.

If you ever get the opportunity to stay at Ailia, take it. Grab it with both hands and don’t leave until they drag you out (which is what they had to do with us). If you’re looking for somewhere special for two of you for a special occasion, or even for a special birthday party with a group, you would be hard pressed to find better.


a: Jl Belimbing Sari, Banjar Tambiyak, Desa Pecatu 80364 Bali, Indonesia

p : +62 361 848 2166

f : +62 361 848 2188

e: (general manager Marco Groten)

w: Alila Hotels

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