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Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore

Such a classic iconic hotel, the first high rise hotel with 70 stories in a circular format n Singapore. The hotel is well located at Raffle / marina area and has a train station in the Raffle place shopping centre which is below the hotel.

Even though our check in took at least 15-20 mins at the end of a long day, they couldn’t find our room we had booked, so they upgraded us to a nicer room...and yes it was.

The hotel is undergoing a massive refurbishment, which is well over due. The rooms are large and now feature beautiful warm chocolate and red colouring with modern functional features not seen normally in hotels like a large table that doubles as a desk or dining table. USB ports at every power point which is great no more international chargers required. The beds have been replaced from a slab of concrete to a pillow top bed which are great. Flooring has been changed to a combination of wood and carpet in modern colours. One wall has a built in couch to watch tv or use the tv swizzle to watch in bed and the tv is massive and a smart TV guide. Talking of smart each room has its very own smart phone with free internet and phone calls for you to use anywhere in Singapore for free.

The bathroom had a make over and is now modern functional bathroom gone is the bath tub (apparently some rooms still have a bath tub) with a rain shower head walk in shower, new funky modern basins and the best fluffy towels.

The renovation really lifts the hotel to the next level, the downside was the 30 minute check in due to a new team member that needed a lot more training.

Room 2370 also came with a nice view of Singapore from the 23rd floor.

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