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Kyoto Yura Hotel by M Gallery

When I booked this hotel I thought it looked a long way out of the main part of Kyoto, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Location was superb in the centre on Gion and historical preserved village house, geishas and amazing restaurant it’s perfect.

The hotel itself is wonderful, it’s only been open since April 2019 so still has the new feel to the hotel and the staff are very attentive.

This is smaller boutique hotel so you feel like it’s more personalised. The room was 22 square metres, but still had a sense of space. The king bed was actually a super king and the mattress was like sleeping on a cloud. Great facilities in the room like USB and electric sockets on both sides of the bed. The lighting was all electronically controlled and the air conditioner was whisper quiet.

But what we really loved about the room (and in fact both Japanese hotels we stayed in including the Pullman Tamachi) is the toilets! Why everyone does not have these is the big question. Seat warmers, bidet washers with warm water (front and back for the ladies). It's just awesome.

Check out the controls on the toilet. You can even adjust the spray strength! I want one!

The reception area of the Kyoto Yuma is like a lounge or reading room of a palace with beautiful chairs and artefacts. The centre of the lobby is a bamboo forrest representing the Kyoto bamboo Forrest. The bamboo is planted on the lower ground where Restaurant 54 is located. Take a look at how gorgeous this restaurant is. This is also where breakfast is served, but it's pretty expensive, so we wandered down the street to a patisserie.

Both the bar and restaurants are named after significant dates. The restaurant name 54 is named due to the road from Tokyo to visit the Emperor in Kyoto had 54 stops and this stop was the last one for guests to rest before heading on to see the Emperor at his palace. The bar “1865” was the year the Emperor decided to move from Kyoto to Tokyo and this make Tokyo the capital of Japan.

We didn't stay in this room, but this is what a suite looks like at Kyoto Yura. Interestingly they have two large single beds, a nice sitting room seperate to the bedroom, huge double basin bathroom and even a seperate dressing room/robe.


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