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Pullman Tamachi, Tokyo

Let's just say it from the beginning , we loved this hotel. It’s fairly new and nailed some basic things.

Check in was efficient and friendly, but when I received the room key I thought "wow a wooden room access card is very different. Then when you enter the lift you had to swipe your room key", but the best thing is, when you're inside the lift and swipe it across the reader, it automatically selects your floor - you don’t have to do a thing. What a great idea. Why doesn’t this happen in every hotel!

The hotel over looks Tamachi railway station - and I mean it's literally next to the railway tracks that have bullet trains and commuter trains arriving every minute. So you would expect it to be noisy, but we never heard a sound. Nothing. It was the quietest hotel room and for an added bonus, when the blinds were down it was also the darkest room. No leaking light anywhere. Amazing!

Pullman Tamachi rooms are quite large, have awesome water pressure and a great toilet!

The room itself was modern, stylish and well thought out. Remember Japanese hotels are known to be small but this was 29 m2 an average size for most hotels but large for Japan where 18m2 is the norm. The room had a sitting bay window table and chair and plenty of room to move around the bed, (which even though the website said it was a kingsize bed, it was actually a super king bed and super comfy). So many hotels I looked at had the bed jammed against the wall just to fit a bed in.

When I read the TripAdvisor reviews of the Pullman Tokyo Tamachi so many people complained about charging ports and the lack of electrical sockets but our room had a USB charging port and electrical socket with a side table on both sides of the bed. Just perfect.

There was even a cute little portable Bose speaker next to the bed to bluetooth my phone to for some relaxing tunes. I nearly took it with me.

The air conditioner was whisper quiet I had no idea it was on. The big hit was the bathroom and shower and water pressure.....yes water pressure in a hotel who thought that could happen!

The rain shower and hand held shower was like being under Niagara falls so forceful I loved it. Now to my other favourite item in the bathroom the electronic toilet with bidet washing option. You just have to love the Japanese way of doing things but every toilet around the world should have this it would cut down the amount of toilet paper used and save the planet.

The bidet attached to the toilet is amazing. You can even adjust the "pressure"!

The rest of the hotel is like the room, modern sleek and functional. We had dinner (couple of drinks and a pizza) at The Junction (which you can see in the images at the top) as the restaurant had a private function and I have to tell you the pizza was yummy.

The staff were friendly and helpful and the food delicious. Loved how the bar blends into the hotel reception area making the area relaxed and functional. There were even a couple of laptops for public use.

The beauty of this hotel was that outside the front door, you could jump on any train to anywhere as our location was central but yet you weren’t in the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku or Tokyo.

I highly rate and recommend this hotel.


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