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Ios Palace Hotel, Ios, Greece

What makes this hotel is the staff. I’ve never stayed in a hotel with such friendly staff. They all speak to you and get to know you. It’s like your staying with friends which is great as the hotel certainly falls downs in other areas.

Location is great right on the beach and the hotel pool and bar has fantastic views over the beach.

Ok so why isn’t it a 4 star hotel? It’s the age and facilities in your room that are holding it back. Do not always believe hotel websites for the room pictures they take the best room and put this online. The hotel is described as having minimalist rooms. However it should be called a basic room.

Minimalist hotel rooms have designer selected furniture to create the feel of the room however at this hotel they have got it confused and it’s basic just because it has some colored glass in the room does not make it minimalist or designer. We had a suite which comprised of a separate sunken sitting area with two single bed mattresses against the wall the mattress had a bedspread wrapped around the mattress. There were no cushions on top of the bed so you leaned against the wall. If this was supposed to be the sofa, I have news for them.

The same room had a very old cupboard that looked like the sliding door with colored glass panel was about to fall off the safe had the master key to use as the batteries and key pad were broken. The mini bar was an old fridge with limited supplies. The bed was hard like sleeping on a concrete slab. We actually put the doona under the sheet to make the bed softer.

The bathroom was the worst! The shower was a bathtub with shower. Nothing unusual about that, however the shower head was a hand hold with no where to hang on the wall so you had to hold on to it and shower for the whole time you were in there. Plus the water pressure was so bad the water drizzled out. Due to the shower situation and no shower curtain, the bathroom floor was always wet - not uncommon in Greece! There was no soap or hair conditioner in the bathroom. The bathroom had a small window which you had to open as there was a bad smell in there, however that meant that other people could then watch you shower.

On our last day we moved to a standard room as our “suite” had new guests arriving. The standard room was small but better equipped than the “suite” The shower was a real shower hanging from a wall!! They had a selection of shower gels and conditioner plus soap so why does a cheaper room have amenities the suite didn’t??? Love to know why!!!

On a positive note the gym and spa were great. Had an excellent massage at the spa , the spa room was well designed and awesome views over the beach The changing area were beautiful and had a rain shower with water pressure and again better amenities than our “suite” I wanted to move into the spa and shower there every day

Our favorite place to hang out was by the pool the bar staff there were exceptional especially Athena. Terry and Dina were also great and another lady at reception

Once again the staff are what makes this hotel without them it would be like staying at Faulty Towers.

* * * great for the young


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